Wealth, seduction and awesome magick

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Wealth, seduction and awesome magick

Post by Earthworm » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:02 am

I was reluctant to share this when I first found it 3 months ago because I was selfish and didn't want too many people jumping on and flooding the Magi with requests but now I am scared it might go away as not enough people know about it and how awesome it is.

Joseph Plazo the founder of Xtrememind has got a Patreon page (it's a thing where you support creatives like musicians and you get special stuff from them). You may know Joseph from Xtrememind or from at least one of his books ie Psychic seduction. There are a few levels of patron membership $5, $15 and $29 per month with varying access to stuff.

I got the $29 p/m and is it super value. Joseph is a very successful businessman and each month he provides valuable information on making money plus a Sigil or Talisman (they are from the Magi at Xtrememind so you know they are very powerful).

At my membership level you also get a free Spell Cast each month from the Xtrememind spell list (they cost $60 each on Xtrememind website).
Here is the spells list:
https://www.xtrememind.com/magic-spell- ... ipulation/

So far I have had:

(1) Amazing Health
(2) ESP Level 2
(3) The Phoenix Ring

There are many other benefits from membership so take a look.


If you join up you get access to all the stuff he has put up since he started it about a year ago, so it's like 20 Sigils and a ton of investment strategies and money making articles.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this Blaze as I am sure you know a lot about Joseph and Xtrememind.

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Re: Wealth, seduction and awesome magick

Post by poker_player » Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:46 pm

Are you positive that is Joe's site?
Sure has nothing like XM.
There is no information on XM about this.
Who creates a site and doesn't advertise about it?

And there is a comment from a guy claiming he never had the spell he requested...

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Re: Wealth, seduction and awesome magick

Post by Earthworm » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:16 pm

Hi poker_player

I am almost 100% positive this is Joey from Xtremenind for many reasons even though I haven't as yet booked a one on one skype call with him or use this:

"You may request that your business advertised on a post or link on Xtrememind or my pagerank 9 Netincomeformula.info"

If you check this out you can see the major players there are:

www.netincomeformula.info J Plazo | Melissa Wakefield | Angela Trent

There is a link on xtrememind on the right of this page:


He constantly references his previous works and a lot of other things which assure me it is him.

I can't say about the guy that made the comment you referenced which I have also seen. I have had good communication from his Marketing Manager
whos signature links to:

Exceed Global Group
XM | Midas Engineers | Veritoria
a joint venture of Exceed, Veritoria and Midas Group
jane@midasoftce.com / support@xtrememind.com / exceedglobal@gmail.com

I have received the Spells I requested and got emails of start times with instruction/Sigils/Audio (the audio had Xtremenind embedded in the file properties)


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