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Lucid Dreaming

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:50 am
by NightFlight
I've tried many different things (the standard techniques plus products like hypnosis mp3s and even a spagyric product) but it's always been spotty for me. I can go for a long time without one, and then have a cluster.

Anyone know of any sigils to assist with this? Or anything else?

Re: Lucid Dreaming

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:30 pm
by PleiadianHealer
I would try these herbal products at the link. I have not used these myself but they look really good:

Re: Lucid Dreaming

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:10 am
by LiquidlogiK ... supplement ... ery-night/ ( I didn't try this one but it's from dreamweaver ;) )

or.. ask for a custom sigil in request section of this forum :D