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Post by Wonderland » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:28 pm

Happy to list extraOddinary.


Starting out in 2012 as a magick spells service, extraOddinary now also offers a short magick masterclass for beginners. We're also producing material for the new blog: articles on manifestation, magick, and skills like lucid dreaming, opening your third eye, and visualization

Updates will be here.
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Lucid Dreaming

Post by Wonderland » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:03 am

New blog post

How to Start Lucid Dreaming: http://extraoddinary.com/lucid-dreaming

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Re: extraOddinary | magick spells, learn magick, blog

Post by Wonderland » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:06 am

Dear Friend and extraOddinaire

I’ve had an amazing time running extraOddinary over the past five years. Hard to believe how far it’s come. Each unique & special being I’ve worked with has inspired me and helped the site evolve in ways I did not at all expect. I really could not have got here without you.

With my focus now shifting towards exploring & experiencing new things - both magical and personal - I don't want to see extraOddinary’s main offering tarnish without proper time, energy, and support.

That's why I’ve made the difficult decision to soon close the magic spells service.

Be sure this is not goodbye. Just change. A couple of cool things are staying, and an upcoming work (a masterclass that I am very proud of) will take its place. More on that later.

After midnight Tuesday 3rd October, you will no longer be able to request a magic spell from the extraOddinary website. If you need a little extra time, let me know before Tuesday, and I will do my best to push this up to Sunday 8th October.

Last 5 Days special is at http://extraoddinary.com/magic-spells

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Re: extraOddinary | magick spells, learn magick, blog

Post by duckie » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:10 am

Hey Wonderland,

When I first read this, I said "F**k!....NOOOO!!
I'm  close to tears.

Bloody hell.

Seriously, I hope you'll change your mind but I'm sure you've put a lot of thought into it and it's probably been tough keeping up with all the requests. 

Well, congratulations on 5 years of success, my good man! Wishing you success and happiness in whatever you do. Please do keep in touch with us, we all look forward to your posts, updates and new developments. Who knows, maybe a periodic re-opening of extraoddinary....? (crosses fingers)

I guess since it's not gonna be available anymore-i may pull the trigger on Miracle...the hardest part is figuring out what the blazes I want?!?"

I have a couple question you could answer that maybe others might be curious about...

What's the difference between Architekt and Zeus?


What's different between Aphrodite, Passionfruit and The Effect?

Finally...have you got a protoge in training...? (fingers TIGHTLY crossed)

Looking forward to that masterclass.

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Post by Wonderland » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:51 am


Hope you're doing well man. Thanks for your message and good wishes. (Also getting to your email soon.)

Yes -- I've put quite a lot of thought into this difficult decision, for over 6 months.

As explained, this isn't goodbye, I'll definitely still be around. Just mostly focused on the new masterclass, and perhaps publishing content (we'll see.)

Okay -- the differences between A & Z:

- Architekt was originally going to bundled with a "Pro" version of the upcoming masterclass. It's mostly for those who are aware of the basic theory outlined in my course, or already have a little background in magic or manifestation. I thought about creating something that forms a partnership (or relay) with your subconscious mind so that it can easily act on things you give it (through whatever magical technique you use.) Includes a simple manifestation technique.

- Zeus is a little more general and doesn't require tools or techniques to work with. It's more of an "auto-pilot"/passive thing. Good for goal setting and simple reflection on what you want. It's also got elements of good luck/fortune from Clover. It's one of the original spells from the catalog about 5 years ago. Probably the second most popular after Clover.

There are differences between Aphrodite, Passionfruit, and The Effect:

- Aphrodite is focused on making you appear more attractive & desirable.

- Passionfruit attracts into your life those who are already very likely to be interested in you. This is about increasing possibilities and opportunities, not glamour like Aphrodite.

- The Effect has the elements of Aphrodite (for the "attraction" part). And also includes the elements of MOJO, and things for confidence. Best to think about this as a combo: It's pretty much 3 spells in one plus the extras mentioned in the description.

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