Paper or Practical? Which is more Successful to you?

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Reality Engineer
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Paper or Practical? Which is more Successful to you?

Post by Reality Engineer » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:39 pm

Hey Gang,

I thought I would pose this question to the Forum to find out what you all had more success with.

In my Radionics/Chi generator collection I have a Welz RAD2400HD, Welz JU1000, Welz JU99, Welz RAD1000, HighPower Technologies ThunderTech XL (right now not working), Radionic Instruments AR2150, 2 Digital Dowsing LLC EarthWave Manifestors, XM Longhorn, XM GodCaster v2.5 and various radionics devices from individual creators from like eBay and personal correspondence. These are what I mean by "Practical Radionics."
Along with this I have various Paper Radionics Devices from mostly individuals (Phantom Caster, Quantum Caster, Mega Caster, et. al.)

I have had success with ALL of these devices and have had failures with them (climactic background of trends,etc. go figure!) primarily with manifestation.

Anyways, it seems right now that my Paper Radionics are working swimmingly and have not run a Practical Operation with the above listed hardware in a long while.

I just wanted to find out how successful are your operations and what devices you use in manifestations, mediations, communications, etc.
I wanted to start a dialogue on what you are MOST successful with.

Thank You all for your time.

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Re: Paper or Practical? Which is more Successful to you?

Post by Fogger » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:41 pm

Paper radionics never work for me. Machines of always work for me. By the way, would you be willing to part with your Longhorn? 😆

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